Student Sponsorship Guideline

| | Selection Criteria for Student Sponsorship 2023

Students are entitled to sponsorship if they fulfill 1 or more of the following criteria: | | --- | --- | | 1 | Single parent family with 21 or more children under the family’s care.   ●       The family’s expenses take up most of all the single parent’s wages | | 2 | ●       Parent(s) who have prolonged illnesses that require costly and regular medical treatment   ●       Parent(s) who experience an unexpected traumatic incident that requires costly medical treatment. For example: Car accident | | 3 | Sudden loss of job or family’s income, causing the family financial difficulty and not able to pay school fees | | 4 | Children at risk of forced child marriage or child labour due to the family’s financial struggle, parents unable to afford children’s education | | 5 | Any student under ElShaddai Centre’s shelter is automatically granted full sponsorship | | 6 | All children of ElShaddai Centre’s staff/teachers are granted full sponsorship of school fees only. (transportation, book fees, computer fees, and other miscellaneous fees are payable)   *Siblings of staff are not sponsored | | * | ●       If the student’s family has 1-4 children enrolled in ElShaddai Centre, only one child with the highest fees (includes school fee + transportation cost) will receive the sponsorship.
●       If the student’s family has 5 or more children enrolled in ElShaddai Centre, two children with the highest fees will receive the sponsorship   *However, the above options will not be mandatory if the parent(s) insists on sponsoring a specific child.

Revision: Child with better academic performance Maximum 2 students (1 - 4 children), 3 students (5 children and above) | | * | The Student Welfare Department reserves the rights to make the final decision, and to review cases outside of the main criteria guidelines |

Requirements of Students under Sponsorship
1 Not more than 10% absent rate for the whole school year
2 Pass all subjects per semester

*Review of sponsorship to be done every 6 months | | 3 | Showing good behaviour | | 4 | To contribute 6 hours of community service every 6 months. (12 hours per school year)   *Details of community service to be determined by Student Welfare Department |

Guideline for Learning Centres
1 Student sponsorship should not take up more than 10% + 10% (20% total) of the total student population. (Refer to details below to determine tiers of sponsorship)

Tier 1 (10%): ●       Student will be fully sponsored with school fees + transportation. (This only applies to learning centres who provide transportation)   Tier 2 (10%): ●       Student will be fully sponsored with school fees only

*exclude children of staff | | 2 | Final submission of student’s application to come from head teachers/school principal only | | 3 | Final decision of sponsorship to come from Student Welfare Department |

Guide for different Status:

  1. New: Headteacher to create a page for the student when the class teacher recommends a student to be sponsored. When the status is New, you are still in the process of visiting and gathering more information about the student, and enter the relevant information on the page.
  2. Submission: After gathering all the information, the headteacher decides that sponsorship should be given to a student.
  3. Approved: School principals / Headteachers approve the sponsorship, sponsorship will start effectively on the date of approval (either on the same month or the following month.)
  4. Rejected: School principals / Headteachers rejected the sponsorship, no sponsorship will be given and the student needs to continue to pay their fees.

Guide for different sponsorship type

  1. Education Fund: All students who applied based on the normal route.
  2. Shelter Case: All shelter residents are exempted school fees automatically.
  3. Organization Donor: Students who are sponsored specifically by an organization. Eg: Engender, specific church
  4. Private Donor: Students who are sponsored specifically by an individual, this can be a staff/volunteer or an external party.

Student Sponsorship Workflow

Student Sponsorship Flow Chart 2023.png