<aside> 💡 Why it matters?

  1. Accountability & Transparency
  2. Reporting
  3. Sharing of Information </aside>

What do you need?

  1. A laptop


  1. Free Notion Account


  1. Google Account


student data flowchart Whiteboards.jpg

Learning Centre Data

To upload existing student data into database:

Student Database Masterlist FIlled Example.csv

Student Database Masterlist Upload Template.csv

New Registration Form and how to transfer students after registration:

New Registration.pdf

Student Sponsorship Data

Student Welfare Guide

Video Tutorial

Guide for different Status:

  1. New Registration: A new student to your LC. This can be a first-time registered student, or a student that is transferred from another LC but has not studied in your LC before.
  2. New Enrolment: A newly registered or newly transferred student that you officially accept into your LC after assessment.
  3. Enrolled (Promoted): An existing student that is promoted to the next level in the new school year (or any special exception to be promoted in the middle of the school term).
  4. Enrolled (Repeated): An existing student that is repeating the same level in the new school year as the previous school year.
  5. Graduated: A student who graduated from Excel, Elite or E-grad.